Game Design

Trion Worlds | Defiance


A massively multiplayer, multi-platform sci-fi shooter that links the excitement and action of a video game with the drama and intrigue of a weekly television series, Defiance is a transmedia partnership between Trion Worlds and the Syfy channel.

Genre: Third Person Shooter MMO/Xbocx 360, PS3, & PC
#Players: Massively Multiplayer

Red 5 Studios | Firefall

Associate Designer

From the creative minds behind the internationally successful "World of Warcraft" and "Starsiege: Tribes" comes an epic title paving new grounds in genre-defiance. Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, no additional media or information is available to the public at this time.

Genre/Platform: First & Third Person Shooter MMO/PC
#Players: Massively Multiplayer

Offset Software/Intel | Project Offset

Designer, Writer

An epic fantasy first/third-person shooter set in a sweeping world of action and adventure, Project Offset combines class-based gameplay with a unique single player experience told through the perspectives of both sides of the conflict.

Genre/Platform: First & Third Person Shooter/PC
#Players: Single Player, Multiplayer

Source Modification | Shadows of Winter

Project Lead, Writer, Systems Designer, Content Designer, Art Director, Texture Artist, Concept Artist, UI Artist, Webmaster

Born from a labour of love, Shadows of Winter marks the beginning of a classical fantasy saga presented in an action-packed first-person shooter. By combining the team-based cooperative elements of games like Team Fortress with the addictive character progression of RPGs, Shadows of Winter weaves a tapestry of heroism, conquest and strategy amidst an epic fantasy backdrop.

Genre/Platform: First Person Shooter/PC
#Players: Single Player, Multiplayer

Shadows of Winter

Custom Source Map | Down In A Hole

Level Designer, Level Builder

Down in a Hole is a short adventure created with Valve Corporation's Hammer Editor and showcases scripted scenarios, engaging combat and puzzles. The video below displays a play-through of the adventure (slightly darker due to the Youtube CoDec) and a playable version may be downloaded from this link (requires a working copy of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 to play).

Genre/Platform: First Person Shooter/PC
#Players: Single Player

Side Project | Infinite Odyssey

Game Designer, Artist, Writer, Voice Over Actor

Based on popular Japanese Card-Battle Games like Brave Frontier, Infinite Odyssey combines an addictive core game loop with engaging, turn-based JRPG combat and a thrilling narrative all wrapped in an anime-esque sci-fi motif.

Genre/Platform: CBG/iOS
#Players: Social Game