About Me

    Chris began his career in the video games industry back in 2006 as a writer and user-interface artist/designer for Offset Software, LLC. Since then Chris has joined the ranks of Red 5 Studios as an enthusiastic and self-motivated Associate Designer for "Firefall."

    Chris also brought his shooter/MMO experience to Trion Worlds as a Content Designer for "Defiance." Finally, Chris changed gears and explored new territory as a Senior Game Designer for an upcoming, currently unannounced, mobile game at Aeria Games & Entertainment.

    The broad experience and disciplines he has gained throughout his decade-long career have made Chris a truly multi-faceted game developer.

    Before his transition to the video games industry, Chris spent the better part of a decade working for the Newspapers of New England (The Concord Monitor) where he fulfilled various roles to ensure the timely release of multiple nightly newspapers and myriad other periodicals.

    In his non-professional time, Chris has spent years pursuing his passion for creative writing, game modifications and various artistic endeavors (graphic arts & photography).

    Chris brings his litany of artistic and literary skills to his current projects and has even prompted the invention of a new word for the lexicon around the office:

    Fiskification (fisk e fick ay-shun) v,. Fiskify, Fisked 1. The visual augmentation of material from engineers and designers to help clarify information and convey an aesthetically pleasing presentation. e.g. "We're going to need you to Fisk these documents so the engineers, artists and directors all know what we're trying to accomplish with this system."

    What Does "Resvrgam" Mean?
    "Resurgam" is a Latin phrase that roughly translates to "I shall rise again." Since there were no U's or W's in ancient Rome, I chose to spell it accordingly. I opted for this as my moniker because I'm a fan of First-Person Shooter games that entail continual respawning (coming back from the dead to fight again). I regularly contribute to my on-line galleries so I'm sure there's always something interesting to see on this shrine to the self-absorbed I call my website. Enjoy. Specialties: Graphic Design and Layout, User Experience and User-Interface Design, Fiction/Narrative Development, Copywriting, and Editing.


  • Graphic Design and Layout: Over five years of experience creating professionally designed media for print.
  • User-Interface: Creating intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing UI to facilitate user experiences.
  • IP Development: Creative writing collaboratively developed to provide rich context and story for games and other media.
  • Level Design: Meticulously crafted environments calling upon experience in both BSP editors and mesh-based 3D software.
  • Quest/Mission Design: Providing challenging and enjoyable content for a variety of game genres.
  • Systems Design: Providing innovative and fun new ideas from concept to implementation and balance.
  • Editing/Proofing: With nearly a decade of experience in print media, detailed-scrutiny has become second nature.